Let’s go sailing

Keeping your plate simple

Wait…what? You just said we were going to go sailing and now you are saying we are going to look at my plate? YEP, you got it…in this post we are going to explore 3 simple steps to keep the plate fueling your body AND remembering the importance of portions.

(None: this information is not meant to replace what your doctor is recommending and is not approved by the food and drug administration. It is not meant to cure, treat or diagnose disease.)

Step 1: Fiber

First up, FIBER!!! You see the boat up there is floating and the reason it floats is because the bottom of boat is made of a high fiber filled wood. Well, guess what…your body needs the same! Fiber is the bottom of the boat for the foods we eat. We need something to help float along and pick up all the sludge that is being stored in our body. What a great way to make that happen than by doing what our doctors, moms, books or teachers have been telling us…EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

Step 2: Protein

The mast of the boat is used to help keep the sail attached and usually placed at the middle of boat and keeps the bottom of the boat connected to the sail. Well, guess what helps keeps our bodies together through the muscles, tendons, bones and all…proteins. There are many proteins our bodies need in order to stay healthy. So when creating your plate how much protein are you using?

Step 3: Sugar/Carbs

Yep, I said it! Sugar… Our bodies need to have some sort of energy to keep the boat moving along, just as the sail does on a boat. Now there are different types of sugars that we can use to keep the body moving. The best is with fruit, so we can add in more fiber for our body to do some great digestion. Take a look at your plate and check to see what is your (carb/sugar) portion?!?!

What does your plate look like? What places can be tweaked so you can help your body use the food we eat?

Being mindful of the boats we eat daily…

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