Power of Change

Desired Outcome + Positive Emotional Connection = Inner Strength for Change

Step 1: Recognize

Our bodies would prefer we keep life as predictable as possible and not bring in change. We all know that is nearly impossible with all the responsibilities we have. So, in this first step I challenge you to think about RECOGNIZING the change that is about to occur. Now, this can be easier when the change is BIG (death, disease, divorce, moving, job change, marriage, child birth, etc.) because we have stories attached to these life situations. Our natural ability to grab resources and then put the steps into motion to feel the success or feel the control we need to understand the change. The piece I challenge you to add to the end of this process is to think about these two questions;

“What do you want to see at the end?”

“What is going to bring you the most success in this situation?”

Step 2: Barriers

Next up for you to create inner strength from change is to take on those BARRIERS or obstacles that are keeping you from seeing the success you desire! How are you going to accomplish this?!?! You are going to write down ALL the things that could possibly go wrong! When we write down all the barriers, this allows us to then put the list into two categories; 1-I have control of the outcome or 2-I don’t have control of the outcome. You will quickly see that a lot of fear, fake stories and scarcity mindset appear, which directs our attention into failure and lack of control. We instead can put them in a space that gives the brain peace of mind and allows you to recognize that you have no control over it and it needs to be let go.

Step 3: Set Intentional Action Steps

Now that you have been able to RECOGNIZE the change and write all the possible BARRIERS or outcomes of the change, you are ready to step into creating your INTENTIONAL ACTION STEPS. What in the world does this look like? Here is the formula for creating just that:

Desired Outcome + Positive Emotional Connection = Inner Strength for Change

What is the desired outcome you want to see happen from the change? Mix in the positive emotions you want to feel during this change and voila you will receive the inner strength to take on this change and come out MORE powerful!


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